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2010-04-30 19:44:23 by DrkNrg

Hadn't been on Newgrounds in almost a decade until about a month ago, now I am on at least once a day. Decided to finally be part of the group. It sounds like a very good choice so far. I am very cynical, so taking full advantage of this membership could take some time. If anyone knows anything about this web-site or any of it's features that may save me trouble in the future, please inform me. I plan on submitting various media but have no experience doing so other than art work, which I am very adept with. I have done extensive and meticulous thinking on video game designs but have done nothing with my thoughts. I have played with music mixing/synthing programs and games and am also pretty good with those. I am very cheap, a hard worker, and a genuinely pleasant person to associate with.